Month: July 2021

The VPN provider ensures that your data is always encrypted and routed through a VPN tunnel, why aren’t they always safe then?

This makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to gain access to your data. No matter which VPN protocol you use, it is highly recommended that you never go online without a VPN connection. Surely you think now, you have nothing to hide. What could happen? A stranger can’t do anything with my data. I advise you urgently – do not go in any case too loosely with your persönlichen data around.

Online banking or purchases –over the Internet

Even if you do not do any online banking, other banking transactions or purchases via the Internet, your data can still be of great value to unauthorized persons. Think about how annoying you find it when advertisements, banners or other ads are constantly displayed. Is that annoying or not? And how do you think the advertiser gets the idea to show you these ads? Correct: Your surfing behavior has been observed, and on the basis of this you are shown the corresponding ads. So also here your persönlichen data and your persönliches behavior on the Internet come to bear.

Someone observes this and then uses it für advertising. You don’t want that either, do you? Therefore: Take remedial action with a virtual private network! Protect yourself from hackers and unauthorized access to your data! Protect your most valuable asset, your privacy! The Netflix VPN protects you reliably and not only when you are traveling and go online via public hotspots. But also at home.

Bypassing geographic blockages

In addition, a virtual private network has many other advantages, which we will discuss in the course of this article. For example, you can avoid geographical blockades by connecting to an appropriate VPN veloce @ Now you may not know exactly what is meant by geographic blockades?

Let me explain: Imagine you have a favorite series on German television, a favorite movie, a TV show that you would like to watch, or a sporting event that you definitely don’t want to miss. The only problem is that you are not in Germany, but abroad. Due to legal copyright agreements, the respective broadcaster probably only has the rights for Germany, but not for other countries. This means, for example, that if you are on a business trip abroad, such as in Asia, or generally outside the German borders, when you call up your favorite movie, instead of the film you will see the unfortunate error message „This film can only be seen in Germany“. This is because the broadcaster does not have the broadcasting rights for the country outside Germany in which you are located.

Netflix stream

But – not despair: there is a solution, nämlich a VPN. You simply connect abroad to a server located in Germany, and you can stream your favorite show. This also applies the other way around. For example, if you want to stream Netflix USA from Germany. In this case, you simply connect to a server in the USA. Details will follow later in this article. What you will continue to enjoy: You can with most providers via Multi Login also share the VPN connection with friends or family – then you can watch from each other separately and at the same time save costs because you share a connection.