Month: July 2022

What are the best options for floors in your living room? Look at these interior styles first

There is no shortage of floors these days. If you’re looking for something new on the floor, at least you have something to choose from. In the world of floors, a number of floors are on the rise. In that context, we should certainly mention the cast floor and we should not forget concrete cire. The similarities between the floors are certainly there, but there are also major differences as you can see on the website of

The floors are different in composition

Just look at the composition of these two floors. Although beton cire is often referred to as a cast floor, it is in fact not. Beton cire is a mortar that consists of cement, resin and colorants and additives. Most cast floors are made of polyurethane or epoxy resin . Installing the floor is also done in a different way. The cast floor lives up to its name and is actually cast. The concrete cire floor, on the other hand, has to be completely leveled out by hand.

Both floors are completely seamless

What is similar between the two floors is the fact that you are dealing with completely seamless floors. And a seamless floor has quite a few advantages. This way you can easily clean a seamless floor. Dirt cannot accumulate on such floors due to the lack of seams and joints. With a mop and a vacuum cleaner you always keep the floor wonderfully clean. For that reason, a seamless floor is also called a child-friendly floor. With growing children, your floor will get dirty sooner, but with a cast floor or a beton cire floor that is no problem at all.

Not only loved in a home environment

The cast floor is available in different versions and the number of colors you can choose from is also large. The cast floor is not only popular in the home environment, you also see the cast floor more often and more often in commercial buildings, both in the office, in shops, but also, for example, in car garages. The cast floor is liquid-tight and can easily be combined with underfloor heating as you can see on this page.

Impregnated and provided with a special coating

Concrete cire also has its advantages. If you are looking for a unique floor, you can opt for concrete cire . Because of the sweeping movements, every floor is different and therefore unique. You see concrete cire being used more and more in damp areas. In order to become waterproof, beton cire is impregnated and provided with a special coating. Beton cire is a versatile product, because in addition to the floor, it can also be used on walls.

Strong similarities to concrete

Beton cire shows strong similarities with concrete, is scratch resistant, suitable for use in sanitary areas and strong and wear-resistant. Just like the cast floor, it is a durable floor that you can enjoy for many years to come. Both the poured floor and the concrete cire floor are still in full development. The possibilities with these floors will therefore increase in the future. Resin floors and concrete floors are floors to keep an eye on. The floors are far from being fully developed and the possibilities will only increase over time.